Overhead gates

Remote control operators for Overhead gates in los angeles


Elite Hercules.



Heavy-Duty High-Cycle Trolley Gate Operator

Specifically engineered to meet the needs of apartment houses,
condominiums and low-clearance installations, the model HCT delivers
unsurpassed safety, dependability and quiet operation. In a class by
itself, the HCT is a heavy-duty, high-traffic operator designed with
many exclusive features, including a Security+® receiver, built-in
electronic reversing device, heavy-duty track and keyed trolley

The HCT is designed for installation in even the tightest
applications. At only 8 inches high, it’s up to 10 inches shorter than
other overhead operators. In addition, it’s extremely quiet so as not
to disturb tenants living directly above the garage. For added safety,
the HCT includes a key release feature for instant access in case of
power failure. And all components are fully enclosed to greatly reduce
the risk of injury.

  • 1/2 HP C-mounted continuous cycle motor
  • Advanced control board
  • Electronic Reversing Device
  • Built-in radio receiver
  • Noise isolators
  • Trolley assembly and key release
  • 5-year warranty


The 1150 overhead gate operator.


1150 overhead gate operator is designed to operate overhead type
vehicular gates mounted on jamb track or jamb type hardware.   Overhead
gates are typically used in underground parking applications where
headroom is minimal.   The low profile design and quiet operation of
the 1150 makes it ideal for these applications.


Ramset RAM 2200 Overhead Door Opener






RAM 2200 Series Commercial / Industrial Overhead Gate Door Opener Details

  • Maximum gate weight: 550 lbs.
  • Maximum gate length: 20’
  • Operating Temperature: -10 to 160 degrees F.
  • Gate Traveling Speed: Approx. 90 degrees opening in 14 seconds.
  • Overall Dimensions: 10” x 143″ x 13”
  • Finish & Construction: 10 Ga Gold / Zinc plated metal.
  • Cover: High Impact resistant charcoal gray polyethylene.
  • Gear Reducer: Heavy Duty Worm Gear.
    Intelligate Control Board: 

  • Automatic Timer
  • One pass, ERD Sensitivity Adjustments
  • Left / Right hand Switch Adjustment
  • Plug-in Loop Detector (ILD-24s) Capability
  • 3-Wire Master/Slave Synchronization Cable
  • Pre-warn & Constant Warn
  • Secure Close
  • Open & Close Delay
  • Relay Connection & Service Push Buttons
  • Radio Cycle

OH-200 Overhead

All-O-Matics new OH-200 DC overhead gate operator is the first and
only commercial overhead gate operator available with a true
integrated long term battery backup.The OH-200 DC overhead gate
operator comes equipped with an industry first Brushless DC motor,
built in loop rack, slow start/stops algorithm, heavy duty frame and
parts that last a life time. The OH-200 DC offers days of
uninterrupted operation in the event of a power failure. Unlike other
currently available “open and die” single cycle battery backups, in
the event of a power failure the OH-200 DC seamlessly switches from AC
power to backup mode and runs off of its included (2 – 8Ah)
batteries. For multi residential and commercial applications such as
apartment buildings or large underground parking structures there is
no other choice than the All-O-Matic OH-200 DC Overhead Gate Operator.
All All-O-Matic Gate Operators are covered by our 5/7 Year
Manufacturers Warranty.



EAGLE-OH 1/2 HP Overhead Gate Operator.



Size 50 C-Face aluminum power transmission. Duty cycle; Class I-IV power supply: VAC Single Phase



1/2 HP Overhead Gate Operator

Up to 22ft & 500 lbs

Single 1/2 HP

Header Bracket (wall or ceiling mount)

Quiet & Smooth Operation:

UHMW Trolley

Lightweight Aluminum C-Face Gear Reducer

Diamond Control Board:

Plug in Loop Detector

Three Button Station

Lightning & Surge Protection

Three rail sizes:

8 ft

10 ft

12 ft