Here is a list of some of thousand of satisfied costumers in Los Angeles area:

Client #1

Ms Ann Weis (310) 556-1543 JOB LOCATION:  918 s Harvard,Los Angeles ironguys worked for us in  4 projects 4 different buildings Making iron fences gates and remote systems with $ 12.000 00 on sales in the past 5 years they know us for 10 years!


 Client # 2

Craig Gilmore (323)  819 6962  (323)  -356-2725    4173 perlita inlos AngelesCa I hire this company to make 4 different projects in 3 different buildings making fences automatic gate but best of all they make me a beautiful entrance remote control gate on my million dollars home!


Client # 3

                      Mark or Karen 310 313-0065  fax 310 313-0966mark@howardmanagement.com mark 459 5713                          1035  summit Beverly hillsCa Mike come to make a wrought iron rails on our house inBeverly hillsCa


Client # 4

Pat (310) 458-0890  FAX 310 858-0865827 4 St  Santa Monica Ca 90403 Ironguys make and entrance driveway gate to  our commercial 20 units  apartment building  MORE THAN 5 Y,,YEARS AGO good people good  service call if you need  References


Client # 5

We are Ellendale apartments phone 310 702 3550  310 316-7476 -731-4312 fax 476-12342711 Ellendalelos Angeles Ca  Ironguys come to fix our gate and they come back to do a check up at no charge  we like there service thanks guys


Client # 6

Row land Company (Rita) 626- 280-0525   fax 1626 280-0527532 a5 1818 280-0527-14360 Vose st Van Nuys Ca 91405 This guys change our commercial gate opener in our apartment building the machine is been there for years with no problems thanks mike!


Client # 7

Guardian Group Inc (Steve) 310 320-0320  fax310 320-0120 steve.socol@guardiangroup.com JOB LOCATION: 12300  Mulholland  Beverly hills This guys install 4 remote control gate openers on this 15 million resident they are very professional


Client # 8

Loretta(323)  876 4453- 4848 St  Elmo  StLos AngelesCa 90019 This guys help me with all wrought iron I need in all of my buildings they provide a good service call me if you need references!


Client # 9

Harvard 918 condos (katerin) llc310 621-6779 JOB LOCATION:  918 s Harvard, Los Angeles This guys repair my garage gate on my 15 units apartment building and come back to service my gate with no charge


Client # 10

 pool (323)  933 5301psnlaw@aol.com  341 arden  Los Angeles Ca, Ironguys come to our house and make a beautiful architectural work around my 2 million dollars house! they are very detailed people I recommend


Client # 11

Tim@timusic.net  (323) 653-6275 745 n Crescent heights  los Angeles, Ca, Mike make me a nice entrance brick wood iron gates on front of my house! I receive a lot of complements you are welcome to come to see!


Client # 12

 310 592 6206   fax13105825251 4026 INGLEWOOD BLVD LA CA 90066 Iron custom come to work on my window bars and updated by installing fire escapes mechanism on existing bars good job guys!


Client # 13

Shepard Manor 714 282-2520 criss x 202 -204 OR 217 FAX 714 282-2517 DANA 567-4104                                       JOB LOCATION:  2250 111 st Los Angeles Ca iron custom is our wrought iron company that work in all of our buildings in our gates and intercom systems I recommend them




Client # 14

Antonio Duarte310 709 7932   fax 310 471-5868 JOB LOCATION: 1819 Manhattan pl  Los Angeles, Ca, We have 5 buildings with intercom systems electric gates and fences window bars this people from Iron Custom! Is been helping us for more than 10 years they are berry honest people!


Client # 15

 Cynthia or Artur 310 273-0093 mgr 310 562-6877sanguely@sbcglobal.net    ranchorodeo@aol.com JOB LOCATION: 3322 Mentone ave Los Angeles Ca Iron guys make a beautiful decorative iron gate in front of our building call me if you want references


 Client # 16

Michelle(323) 371-9251   310 404- 6863  fax  310 787-9807 JOB LOCATION: 1325 Linda Rosa  Los AngelesCa. 90038 Iron Custom!  Make a beautiful fence in our house


 Client # 17

Joe Herrera310 313 0065 x 201 fax 310 313 0666 joehowardmanagement.com JOB LOCATION:  845BedfordBeverly HillsCa Mike make me window bars in a all house they look beautiful


Client # 18

Heather Village (Javier Trejo) 310- 649-3611 fax 310 645 9363 JOB LOCATION: 6443 Green Balley Circle Culver city CA 90230 We manage this 400 unit’s property and we have hundreds of ft of fence rails and 4 access automatic gates and intercoms on our exterior gates! We use Iron Custom! For all of our security needs, they are very responsible people!


 Client # 19

Brock and Vicky Mara Story(323)  842 7625    (323)  664 9081      fax (323)  644 9387 JOB LOCATION: 1152 W 37 ST Los Angeles Ca Iron custom ironguys work for me and enclose more than 5 properties doing fences! Reliable and very competitive prices thanks mike!


Client # 20

Jhon310 339 5454   fax 310 395-1670450 SDetroitIron Custom! Work with me in many different buildings making automatic gates fences intercoms good prices excellent service good iron guys! I recommend!


Client # 21

Aki Soda310 261-1757  310 261-1737  fax 310 530-4599 JOB LOCATION: 26020 Narbonne Lomita ca Iron Custom! Or ironguys privatize this property for me by doing 2 remote control gates one intercom system and two additional garage gates excellent service


 Client # 22

Courtney Coleman 310 503-5438  fax 13106701487 JOB LOCATION:  6604 SpringPark Los Angeles, Ca. 90056 Iron Custom!  Make me a Remote control gate opener!!!


 Client # 23

(Simon) (626) 786-0243  FAX 626 446-6999445 JOB LOCATION: N Los Robles Pasadena Ca Iron custom work in many of our Commercial parking gates on all our new apartment complexes good company very responsible and reliable trusty


Client # 24  

Round Meadow Investments (323) 497-2596   fax: (818) 380-0156 JOB LOCATION: 19854 Lanark St.Winnetka, Ca 91306 I make A beautiful fence to one of our properties from Iron Custom!


Client # 25

Tom Tucker(310) 930-4695   cell  (310) 930-4695 office 295-1866 JOB LOCATION:  1277  S Dunsmir Los Angeles CA Iron Custom! Make me a remote control gate intercom system and enclosure on this property good merchandize and reliable service


Client # 26

 EGL Properties Elizabeth213 200-0312 (213) 617-9751  fax (213) 626-2316 JOB LOCATION:  3532 Overland Bl  suite A Los Angeles CA  90034 we are EGL we are one of the biggest management companies on los Angeles area, and we use mike for all of our privacy and security needs he’s very responsible person and he take good care of he’s business


Client # 27

Carl Morgan(213) 617-9751  fax (213) 626-2316 JOB LOCATION:  4201 Mcclungironguys make an automatic commercial driveway gate on this property good quality work the gate is there more than more than 8 years


Client # 28

Gerry or 310 869-1684 fax 310 996 1915 Ralph hall man 651-3744  fax 818 789-0947  JOB LOCATION: 8437 Blackburn583 8921 This people privatize my apartment building with iron gates, I am berry happy good job


Client # 29

Halco Electric (Larry Buckley) (323)  933-9431   cell 310 261-2533  fax (323) 933-2043 JOB LOCATION: 5773 Venice Blvd los Angeles Ca 90019 this guys make me a remote control gate opener good quality work the know berry much what they doing thanks guys!


Client # 30

Alyssa Kim cell 310 753-2919 kimalyssa@yahoo.com JOB LOCATION:1819 S Mansfield AveLos Angeles Ca 90019 these guys make me so happy they build a beautiful entrance gates on my house I love my gates


Client # 31

Tim Pierce  (Tropical) 213) 748-5108  fax 213 748-4998-1711 E 15Th St  Los Angeles Ca 90021 Mike from ironguys make me an automatic gate opener super effective good machine excellent service


Client # 32

Nina310 709-3299     fax 310 815-3825 JOB LOCATION: 10751 Rose Ave Los Angeles Ca 90034 Top of the line intercom system from 2008 and there is! the machine is working really good I recommend, Iron Custom!


Client # 33

land America( Freda  Scott) Fscotthomes@gmail.com  (310)-897-7178  323-754-9269 JOB LOCATION:415 Upper Mesa  Rd We  hire mike Iron Custom! To make a special iron work on an architectural home this guys are awesome!



you can call any of this costumer and ask for references about my company!