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Quick release window bars improve the house protection against break-ins. The clear advantage is that during a fire or an emergency when you need to quickly evacuate your house. Normal security bars and iron grilles, can be a trap if they don’t have a quick release mechanism to provide an emergency exit. window guards, window bars, iron bars, iron fence, remote control iron gates, automatic iron driveway gates, elite remote control gate operators, iron doors, iron wood doors, iron wood gates, iron glass doors, had rails Balconies-Automated Gates Stairs.

In a vast metropolis like Los Angeles, security and safety are of immense importance.
LA is home to millions of people who wish to keep their homes, families and businesses guarded and secured.

Iron Guys offers the residents of the great city on Los Angeles the finest safety solutions in window bars. Our representatives in LAX will provide services and products in both residential and commercial security.

The products and hardware we provide include quick release security bars for doors and windows as well as child safety gates, different types of windows and a wide variety of iron works including fences, railings, enclosures and guards of course. Paragon Security & Locksmith will also help you establish a fire escape plan that will ultimately determine the required security equipment for your home or business.
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Get peace of mind for securing residential and commercial property by one simple and low cost way is to install window bars. Our easy to install and affordable Window Bars for forced entry protection of homes, stores, business.Window Bars are Window bars are a set of steel or aluminum bars in the window frame to help keep intruders out. Window Bars are often called as security bars or Burglar bars.

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